Cubreobjetos de vidrio Premier Consumables

Cubreobjetos de vidrio Premier

Cubreobjetos de vidrio Premier
Cubreobjetos de vidrio Premier

El cubreobjetos de vidrio Premier se ha diseñado específicamente para trabajar con máquinas automáticas de cubreobjetos.

Durante la fabricación se utilizan procesos especiales para evitar la adherencia.

La cubierta de vidrio está disponible en varios tamaños.

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High quality

Provide the clarity pathologists need with Premier Cover glass manufactured to strict international ISO standards.


Premier Cover Glass is easy to handle and works with automatic coverslippers thanks to a special non-stick treatment that stops the slips sticking together.

Moisture protection

Optimum performance is maintained thanks to advanced moisture protection that includes shrink wrapping each case and special “tropical” packaging that prevents moisture uptake during storage.

Streamlined workflows

Improve workflows and reduce downtime, Premier Cover Glass is performance tested with the Leica CV5030 automated coverslipper for fast, trouble-free coverslipping.


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Código Nombre Tamaño de la unidad Cant.
3800115ACS PREMIER COVER GLASS ACS 22X40X1 1 Case of 840 pieces
3800120ACS PREMIER COVER GLASS ACS 22X50X1 1 Case of 680 pieces
3800140ACS 2440-1 PREMIER COVER GLASS 1 Case of 810 pieces
3800145ACS 2450-1 PREMIER COVER GLASS 1 Case of 650 pieces
3800150ACS 2455-1 PREMIER COVER GLASS 1 Case of 590 pieces
3800160ACS 2460-1 PREMIER COVERGLASS 1 Case of 540 pieces