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Cryosectioning 101 for Research Q&A

John Stock, Senior Technical Support Specialist, Leica Biosystems
Rhian Evans, Ph.D., Scientist

John Stock from Leica Biosystems gave a webinar that provided a comprehensive guide on how to achieve better cryosectioning outcomes. He covered the installation and setup of the instrument, sample tissue preparation, freezing of the tissue and how to get better tissue sections. 

The permanent attention to detail and many hours in front of the cryostat can be exhausting for the user, and customers had their own questions for John at the end of the webinar, and we have provided those questions and export answers for you here!

Questions included advice on tissue tearing, keeping sample at low temperature when working and preference for high, or low-profile blades.

We’ve compiled them all into an easy to navigate format that you can access right now.


Missed the webinar? No problem! Get all of these tips and tricks for cryosectioning from the webinar here.

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About the presenters

John Stock, Senior Technical Support Specialist, Leica Biosystems

John stock is a Sr. Technical Support Specialist, and has been with Leica for the past 13 years supporting the full Leica Biosystems product line of instruments and consumables. Previously, John worked for the U. Virginia for 12 years as an Electron Microscopist and Histotech. He has a Bachelor degree in Marine Biology from the University of Wisconsin.

Rhian Evans, Ph.D., Scientist

Rhian is a Scientist from Swansea University in Medical and Healthcare Studies and was featured in several collaborative publications. Rhian’s research-based background focused on tissue-based pathology in Multiple Sclerosis, primarily using immunohistochemical analysis and in vitro molecular techniques. She spent a short period conducting routine PCR testing for COVID-19 at the end of 2020.