Leica RM2125 RTS Sectioning

Leica RM2125 RTS El micrótomo esencial

Corte las secciones de alta calidad de las que depende un diagnóstico preciso.

El micrótomo manual Leica RM2125 RTS tiene las funciones esenciales que necesita para el seccionado seguro y económico, y flujos de trabajo optimizados.

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Quality is essential

When you’re cutting sections from patient tissue, you want every section to count. The Leica RM2125 RTS utilizes the essential elements of proven Leica technology to deliver high-quality sectioning in an economical manual package.

Safety is essential

Because you don’t want to compromise on safety, the Leica RM2125 RTS doesn’t either.  By combining the essential elements of intuitive operation and advanced safety features, the Leica RM2125 RTS helps microtomists work safely throughout each shift.

Productivity is essential

With no time to waste, efficient sectioning is critical for overall laboratory productivity. The manual Leica RM2125 RTS might not have every feature, but it has the ones that are essential for highly productive sectioning.