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Remote diagnostic service for the histology lab with Leica RemoteCare

A value-added solution that helps you deliver better patient care.

RemoteCare is a pro-active and cost-effective remote diagnostic service for the histology lab. RemoteCare provides 24 hour monitoring and support of complex, computer-controlled Leica Microsystems instruments, thus minimizing life-time costs and enhancing equipment uptime.

Like a ‘virtual technician’ RemoteCare is a value-added solution that helps you deliver better patient care.

What Does ‘Remote Service‘ mean?

Remote Service Software is used by equipment manufacturers to remotely monitor, access and repair products in use at customer sites. It’s a secure, auditable gateway for service teams to troubleshoot problems, perform proactive maintenance, assist with user operations and monitor performance. This technology is typically implemented in mission-critical environments like hospitals or IT data centers – where equipment downtime is intolerable.

Any communication between instrument installed and Leica Microsystems is triggered or initiated from the instrument software. Standard https protocols are used.

Information provided:
- Hardware status
- Software status
- Log files

Summary of your benefits resulting in optimized instrument uptime and reduced cost of service:

  • Continuous monitoring of system performance according to specifications
  • Receive SMS and/or email notification about instrument status
  • Reduce the time necessary to identify, diagnose and solve potential and existing instrument problems
  • Pro-active preventive maintenance planning considering real system performance
  • Desktop sharing for application support and user training

Availability of RemoteCare

At present, RemoteCare is available for the Leica ASP200 S and ASP300 S tissue processors, the CM3600 XP Cryomacrotome and the Leica TCS SP5 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope.

Very soon the rapid tissue processor Leica Peloris and the confocal laser scanning microscope Leica SP2 will be added to the range.

It is available in conjunction with specific service contracts (Depending on region. Please contact your local Leica Microsystems representative for further information.)

It is included in the Factory Warranty if equipped accordingly

RemoteCare will be available for all Leica Microsystems computer-controlled products in the future.

The RemoteCare service for the Leica ASP300 S gives detailed information on the instrument system status including the following:

  • Online program monitoring
  • Instrument lifetime information
  • Reagent and paraffin temperatures
  • Permanent maintenance schedule
  • Filter changes
  • Rotary valve and pump status
  • Error and run logs
  • Electro-mechanical integrity

Data Safety is a Primary Concern

Privacy and security are of the highest importance to our customers and connecting any computer to the Internet raises security concerns. Therefore the RemoteCare service does not allow Leica Microsystems access to any of your network or hospital’s data. The direct remote monitoring only allows access to the connected system information.

RemoteCare addresses the following key security concerns:

  • Conceals data from unauthorized parties
  • Requires that system users are authorized
  • Limits each user to specific data, views and actions
  • Desktop sharing requires customer approval

A detailed information sheet ‘Providing Secure Remote Service and Support for Intelligent Devices’ can be downloaded from in 5 languages.