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Leica Microsystems is named Top of the Class for Histology Products

Leica Microsystems Inc. was chosen as an elite Top of the Class product vendor in the field of Histology instrumentation in ADVANCE for Administrators of the Lab’s 4th Annual Top of the Class Survey for 2005.

Reliability was the number one reason why ADVANCE readers named Leica Microsystems as a Top of the Class product vendor for Histology products. Reliability was closely followed by Easy-to-use Product, and Prompt Service.

“Thank you for choosing Leica Microsystems as Top of the Class,” says George Kennedy, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Service, Leica Microsystems Specimen Preparation Business Area. “We are always pleased to hear that we’re doing a good job and you’re happy with our products. Leica strives for continuous improvements in our products, people, and processes in an effort to satisfy our customers 100%.”

The 4th Annual Top of the Class winners were selected via ADVANCE for Administrators of the Lab’s email survey to its readership. The survey asked readers to nominate vendors they consider top of their class for laboratory-specific categories among the most elite and reputable companies in the industry.

According to Leica Microsystems, recent trends point to the need for more automation in histology processes. The focus of Leica’s R&D now and into the future is designing automated solutions that free time for more valuable work, make laboratory work safer, provide more standardization within the laboratory, and enable faster turnaround of results.

“Leica Microsystems has been in the histology specimen preparation business for 130 years,” explains Kennedy. “We have a history and tradition of innovation and can claim many “Firsts”. Leica was the first company to automate microtomy. Also, Leica was the first to introduce an integrated workstation for staining and coverslipping.“ Leica’s new ST5020 multistainer and CV5030 glass coverslipper can also operate as independent systems. The “hands-off” process does not require the user to intervene or wait for the cycle to finish. Users can walk away from the process, which provides a unique, time-saving benefit for a high-throughput lab.

“You don’t succeed in business this long unless you provide long-term, tangible value to your customers,” concludes Kennedy. “Building quality into our products, and offering “solutions-oriented” sales people, educational opportunities, and excellent after-sale service by the most highly trained service technicians in the industry truly differentiate Leica from other companies. We plan to be around another 130 years.“