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Aperio VERSA Brightfield, Fluorescence & FISH Digital Pathology Scanner

Delivering Excellence in IHC, ISH and Fluorescent Tissue-Based Research including Multiplex Whole Slide Scanning

The Aperio VERSA is a comprehensive digital pathology scanner, designed and developed to support the diverse imaging needs of cutting edge research facilities. The combination scanner is optimized for precision scanning of brightfield and fluorescent samples, with the accuracy and resolution required for FISH .

From tissue-based and proteomic markers, to subcellular, molecular and in-situ hybridization probes, the Aperio VERSA delivers high-resolution, reliable imaging. Users can create a permanent record of their research – even faint fluorescent samples, which are often subject to fading.

The Aperio VERSA is ideal for scanning multiplex slides at any magnification from 5x to 63x for the whole slide without the need for spectral imaging.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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  • System scalability from 8 slide stage to 200 slide autoloader
  • Batch set-up and automation facilitates unsupervised scanning
  • Advanced tissue detection for faint for lightly stained brightfield and fluorescent samples
  • Scan slides from 0.9mm to 1.2mm thick
  • Z-stack capture for thick samples
  • Automated oiler for 40x or 63x magnification oil scans
  • Intuitive interface enables widespread usage and adoption
  • 2-D scanning technology, ideal for co-localization studies
  • Dedicated workstation or networked deployment options
  • Broad range of compatible image analysis solutions
  • Scan 15mmx15mm @20x brightfield in 206 seconds

Consistent, Sharp Image Quality

Building on over 150 years of Leica optical excellence, the Aperio VERSA delivers optimal image quality for all your molecular and proteomic biomarker slides. Based on the Leica DM600 B microscope, the Aperio VERSA combines an unsurpassed optical path with precision stage registration, ensuring accurate, high resolution images for the most sophisticated multiplexing studies. Automatic switching between dedicated brightfield and fluorescent cameras ensures consistent, crisp images.


With an intuitive interface and rapid one-click scanning capabilities, the Aperio VERSA beautifully combines simplicity of use with sophisticated imaging technologies, ensuring maximal system usage and adoption. High levels of automation and quick set-up of scanning protocols facilitates unattended scanning for batches containing a mixture of up to 200 brightfield, fluorescence or FISH slides. Images are fully compatible with the Aperio software portfolio, enabling remote review of slides via eSlide Manager or sophisticated image analysis.


Aperio VERSA delivers excellence in both brightfield and fluorescent imaging, with the resolution and point-to-point co-localization required for FISH. Simple set up of protocols enable users to tailor exposure settings specific to each flurophore, while the 7 filter positions and large filter selection delivers optimal wavelengths, to maximize signal-to-noise ratios. System scalability means that the fluorescent scanning or the 200-slide autoloader can be added on at any time.

High Resolution & Oil Scanning

The wide range of objective lenses from 1.25x to 63x, with motorized nose piece for automatic changing, enables users to readily scan slides at their ideal resolution. Scan slides anywhere from 0.9mm to 1.2mm thick1, with scan times of 206 secs2 for 15x15mm at 20x. The automated oiler and oil-immersion lenses for 40x and 63x facilitates capture of the high resolution scans in batch and unattended modes.

Comprehensive Image Analysis Options

Once scanned, the Aperio VERSA images are seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive range of image analysis solutions. Whether looking for local, workstation-based, single user analysis, or enterprise-level, multi-user quantification, Leica Biosystems have the ideal solution to match your needs. With a broad portfolio for the detection and quantification of cellular, subcellular and molecular markers in both brightfield and fluorescence, algorithms are easily tuned, so they can be tailored to your unique research requirements.

For TMAs it saves lots of time. For  IHC  it's a most of comparison and image analysis
Source: TechValidate. TVID: 593-DAB-BDE

--Veterinary Pathology, Large Enterprise Pharmaceuticals Company


Capacity 8 slides (1 x 3"), 200 slides with autoloader
Input Format 1-inch x 3-inch (2.54 cm x 7.62 cm) microscope slides with 0.17 mm coverslip
Dimensions 8 slides: 68x34x59cm
200 slides: 68x68x59cm
Weight 8 slides: 26.2KG
200 slides: 57.7KG
Objective Lenses HC PL FLUOTAR: 1.25x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x (oil), 63x (dry)
HC PLAN APO: 20x, 40x (dry), 40x (oil)

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Capacity 8 or 200 2x3 or 5
Illumination Brightfield, 7-channel fluorescence & FISH Brightfield
Z stacking Yes Yes
Live View No No
Magnification 1.25x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x (oil or dry) 20x, 40x
Scan Method Tile TDI line scan

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