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Leica Biosystems provides complete access to today's hottest topics in life sciences and in tissue-based translational research.

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Modern Multiplex Solutions for the Research Lab

Multiplexing addresses the need for researchers to assess multiple biomarkers (protein and/or nucleic acid markers) at specific locations within a tissue sample.

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4 Tips for Buying a Microtome

What should you look for when purchasing a microtome? Here, we offer 4 tips that will help you through the process.

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It is Time for TIME (Tumor Immune Microenvironment) in Experimental and Diagnostic Pathology

Cancer initiation and virulence depends on mechanisms to evade host immunosurveillance and suppression of early invasion and growth.

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Top Considerations When Buying a Digital Pathology Scanner

Are you thinking about purchasing a digital pathology scanner? We offer some tips for things to consider during the buying process.

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Tips & Tricks to Multiplexing


Multiplexing is an important tool for simultaneous detection of multiple markers within a single tissue section.
Watch our two short videos below to learn more about multiplexing and download the complementary infographics to keep the points on hand when you need to revisit the information.

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Digital Pathology in Toxicological Pathology Studies


Drug development is a timely and costly process, 1 with the average cost of bringing a single new drug to market costing $1.3 billion, 2 taking anywhere between 10-15 years to finalize complete all clinical trials. 3 Preclinical studies are the vital first steps in research and development and is estimated to cost $7M over 73 months. 4 Up to 35% of drugs are eliminated at phase I and II clinical trials due to toxicity.

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