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Cutting Edge Precision

Vibrating blade microtomes are used to produce monolayer or thick sections of fixed or fresh tissue under physiological conditions without freezing or embedding.

Sectioning fresh tissue specimens with Leica Microsystems’ VT Series maintains the morphology, enzyme activity and cell viability of the tissue. Their use also minimizes artifacts, compression distortion, cell destruction and other inherent deleterious effects of sectioning.

Freezing fractures cell membranes, and there is a loss of cytosol. This is avoided by Vibratome sectioning, so that immune or other staining of cellular free cytosol proteins is much more vivid with Vibratome cut sections. This includes natural proteins, and HRP and other markers.

Other applications include cell culturing of different organs, sections for patch clamping, electrophysiology, free floating sections and many other applications in neuroscience.

Online videos

See our online videos of the Leica VT1200 S, where physiologists show and explain how they work with the Leica Vibratome.

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Cutting Edge Precision
Live/dead cell assay reveals viable neurons (fluorescing green) in 50 μm sections of hippocampus (A) and spinal cord (B). A2 and A3. Enlargement of CA1 and dentate granule regions respectively. Scale bar = 100 μm in A1 and 50 μm in A2, A3, and B).