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Aperio Positive Pixel Count FL Algorithm – Simple, Accurate Fluorescence Measurement

The Aperio Positive Pixel Count FL Algorithm quantifies the amount of a specific immunofluorescently-labeled biomarker present in a scanned slide image. It measures the number and intensity of pixels that match a specific fluorescence dye channel, and calculates the average intensity of staining for that dye across the tissue.

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Aperio RUO (Research Use Only) Image Analysis Algorithms have been validated by Leica Biosystems for use with .svs images from Aperio AT2, Aperio CS2, and Aperio VERSA scanners. Use of Aperio RUO Algorithms with other available scanners has not been validated, and Leica Biosystems cannot train or support customers in use of Aperio RUO Algorithms with images from these scanners.

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Easy-to-use inputs

Aperio Positive Pixel Count FL Algorithm features straightforward, tunable settings through the user-friendly ImageScope interface. Simply specify the dye you want to analyze, and set upper and lower thresholds to ensure staining artefacts and non-specific staining are excluded.

Speed up analysis

Want to analyze batches of slides faster? The Aperio Positive Pixel Count FL Algorithm offers the option to set Image Zoom level. A zoom level <1 will allow the algorithm to run faster, while a zoom level >=1 will result in more accurate analysis.

Straightforward outputs

The most important data points are laid out clearly and in an easy-to-read manner, including analysis area, area covered by the dye of interest, and average intensity of all pixels containing the specified dye, within the user-defined thresholds. Mark-up masks let you quickly review the results visually.

Compatible with your Aperio solution

Aperio Digital Pathology solutions offer a complete digital pathology research workflow, including brightfield and fluorescence image capture, management solutions for sharing and collaboration , and image analysis solutions such as Aperio Positive Pixel Count FL Algorithm.