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Bringing High-Quality IHC to 1.3 Billion People

Leica Microsystems continues to make high-quality Immunohistochemistry (IHC) more available with the release of important new research products in China and non-IVD regulated countries. For the first time, China and emerging markets have access to higher quality IHC through the advantages of high-sensitivity Novolink™ detection and advanced buffers.

Seven important new products

  • Novolink™ Polymer Detection System (1250 tests); RE7320-K
  • Novolink™ Polymer Detection System (250 tests); RE7310-K
  • Novolink™ Polymer Detection System (50 tests); RE7300-K
  • Enzyme Proteinase K (IHC) 100mL; RE7330-K
  • IHC Antibody Diluent 500mL; RE7189
  • Epitope Retrieval Solution ph6 (x10 concentrate) 1L; RE7179
  • Epitope Retrieval Solution ph9 (x10 concentrate) 1L; RE7224 

Many important benefits

  • New Novolink™ Compact Polymer™ detection systems increase primary antibody dilutions to reduce costs and give great results every time. Endogenous biotin is never a problem with this product as it is polymer based (not ABC or LSAB).
  • New Enzyme Proteinase K for robust and reliable retrieval of antigens for IHC where enzymatic digestion is recommended in the antibody protocol.
  • New Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Antibody Diluent ensures dilutions are made in a buffer optimized for Novocastra™ antibodies.
  • New Epitope Retrieval Solutions, pH6 and pH9, take away the uncertainty and batch-to-batch variation of laboratory made buffers where heat epitope retrieval is recommended in the antibody protocol.

These new products are now available from Leica Microsystems representatives in China and selected countries.

Alternative IVD equivalent products are available in other regions including the USA, Canada and the EU.