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Live Webinar: Total ISH Solutions from Leica Biosystems


In situ hybridization ( ISH ) is in use more and more widely to find answers beyond what routine staining can provide. High quality, consistent staining is vital for good results, while digital imaging and automated analysis tools can greatly enhance the accuracy of ISH testing. This presentation will demonstrate Leica Biosystems’ end to end solutions for ISH , from staining, to digital image capture, to quantitative image analysis.



Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of ISH end to end solutions
  • Introduction to benefits of digital pathology for ISH
  • Demonstration of automated ISH image analysis


Catherine Conway has worked in the field of Digital Pathology for more than 10 years, with experience from both a commercial and research perspective. She earned her primary degree in Biotechnology and subsequent Ph.D from Dublin City University, Ireland in the utility of Digital Pathology and Image Analysis for the quantification of ISH .

Catherine worked for SlidePath, and later Leica Microsystems, providing leadership in the development of Image Analysis and Tissue Microarray solutions. Following this, she worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the National Institute of Health (Bethesda, USA), where she performed digital pathology trials for the validation of novel tissue biomarkers utilizing commercial image analysis solutions.   

Since May 2013 Catherine has worked with Leica Biosystems as Product Manager for Image Analysis.

Live Webinar Total ISH Solutions from Leica Biosystems