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Aperio Colocalization Algorithm – Identify Multiple Biomarker Interactions

Detecting and measuring the colocalization of multiple proteins is an important part of larger scientific studies, which seek to determine a correlation between the occurrence of these proteins and the outcome of a specific disease treatment. The Aperio Colocalization Algorithm determines where specific proteins are present in IHC stained tissue, and to what extent the proteins are “colocalized” – that is, whether they occur separately or in combination with each other.

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Aperio RUO (Research Use Only) Image Analysis Algorithms have been validated by Leica Biosystems for use with .svs images from Aperio AT2, Aperio CS2, and Aperio VERSA scanners. Use of Aperio RUO Algorithms with other available scanners has not been validated, and Leica Biosystems cannot train or support customers in use of Aperio RUO Algorithms with images from these scanners.

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Measure staining accurately

The Aperio Colocalization Algorithm calculates the contribution of each chromogen at every pixel location. It classifies each pixel as representing a single stain or a combination of stains, providing you with precise information on the distribution of biomarkers in the tissue.

Precise color calibration

Up to 3 stain color vectors can be easily calibrated, so that the algorithm is attuned exactly to your stains. Calibrate the algorithm to recognize your stains, and set thresholds to define the range of color you want to include.

Analysis that fits your research

Double-label IHC is frequently used to identify cellular and subcellular colocalization of independent antigens, and is a special case of the more general colocalization analysis. The Aperio Colocalization Algorithm includes a double-label IHC analysis mode to meet specialized research needs.

Visual and data-driven results

The Aperio Colocalization Algorithm returns comprehensive outputs, including information on all combinations of colors identified, which can be easily exported or saved. Mark-up annotations on the analyzed region let you confirm results visually with ease.

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