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Aperio eIHC IVD System – Clinically Validated Decision Support

Aperio eIHC IVD System

Aperio eIHC IVD for digital analysis and quantification of IHC are important tools that allow laboratories to provide the precision results required in today’s changing healthcare environment. From image capture, management, and visualization, to annotation, review, and reporting, the Aperio eIHC IVD analysis solution stays in sync with you for quantification of IHC staining for breast markers ER*, PR*, and HER2*.

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Automated image analysis

Validated tools for in vitro quantification of IHC breast panel markers ER*, PR* and HER2* are enabled through automated image analysis. Accurately count and classify IHC stained tissue for rapid and consistent measurement of tumor marker expression. Help improve tissue staining interpretation with flexible analysis tools to powerfully support clinical decision making.

Improved workflow and reproducibility

Aperio eIHC IVD allows imaging of stained slides, automatic quantification of the IHC staining, and presentation of all of the tissue images side by side on one screen, for faster evaluation. Computer-aided image analysis helps to reduce inter- and intra-reviewer variability, to improve reproducibility and increase standardization of IHC interpretation.

eIHC quantification process

For quantification of breast markers - ER*, PR*, and HER2*. IHC slides are prepared in the standard way and digitized with IVD-specified Aperio AT Turbo (eIHC) and Aperio CS2 (eIHC) scanners, creating digital whole slide images (eSlides) that can be viewed, shared and analyzed with appropriate algorithms at any time Our eIHC analysis tools support workflow that may be eligible for reimbursement, thus, providing a value-added diagnostic aid to pathologists through computer-aided image analysis of IHC staining.

Annotated Aperio eSlides

Easily identify and annotate specific regions of interest for IHC marker quantification for improved analysis accuracy. The analysis of each marker is captured in an output image of the results, including the classification of individual cells by score.

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