Leica Gentle Jane Frozen Tissue Sectioning

Leica Gentle Jane Snap Freezer

Leica Gentle Jane™ Snap Freeze Instrument
Leica Gentle Jane™ Snap Freeze Instrument

The stand-alone Gentle Jane® Snap Freezer is portable (10 lbs, 12"x12"x12") and enables the user to snap-freeze tissue in 8-10 seconds. The Heat Extractor, chilled in a refrigerant (i.e. liquid nitrogen), is placed on the Gentle Jane device and drops at a controlled rate, snap-freezing the tissue and embedding medium. Frozen blocks can be stored inside the SAGJ chamber for up to two hours.


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39475242 Gentle Jane-Gerät 1 Piece
39475243 Wärmeableitblock 1 Piece
39475244 SAGJ Thermos-Plastic 1 Piece