NEW BOND RTU antibodies and protocols now available for download

New data files are now available which will enable the use of the latest releases from the BOND RTU range. Local licensing restrictions may apply to some products; please contact your local Leica Biosystems Sales or Support representative should you have any queries. Please ensure the correct data file is downloaded.


  • BDDv94 is only compatible with BOND software v5 or higher
  • BOND software v4.0 BDZ files are no longer supported after BDZ v74
  • Do not apply this update to BOND RX or BOND RXm research systems.
  • Ensure the correct update is applied commensurate with your software version and region.
  • We recommend that all BOND systems be updated to the latest software version

Data Files:

Download the BOND-Ext-v94-01_06_08-405-Canada data file here.

Download the BOND-Ext-v94-01_06_08-405-Europe data file here.

Download the BOND-Ext-v94-01_06_08-405-Japan data file here.

Download the BOND-Ext-v94-01_06_08-405-RestOfWorld data file here.

Download the BOND-Ext-v94-01_06_08-405-US data file here.