•  BOND-MAX Fully Automated IHC and ISH

BOND-MAX Fully Automated IHC and ISH Staining System

Flexible, efficient, & consistently fast.

Enhance your IHC and ISH productivity with precise automation, Covertile technology, and Novocastra reagents combined to create high-quality staining. The three-tray system and consistent run times provide the flexibility to accommodate incoming workloads and the predictability you need to plan each day. With BOND-MAX stainer’s lean and efficient reagent usage and flexible dispense volumes, your reagents go further while generating less waste for disposal.

BOND-MAX delivers the high-quality IHC and ISH slides you can expect from a BOND instrument, in a compact, benchtop format.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use


Product Specifications

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D): 760 mm x 703 mm x 775 mm
Weight (dry): 120 kg (265 lbs)
Slide capacity: 30
Reagent container capacity: 7 mL and 30 mL
Number of reagent containers: 36
Bulk reagent container capacity: 1 L or 2 L
Hazardous waste container capacity: 2 L
External bulk waste container capacity: 9 L



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Staining power you can depend on

Like 3 stainers in 1

» Each tray acts as an individual instrument so you can load as slides become available.


Your workflow, your way

» Load slides as they become available; Run slides continuously with random reagent access.


Consistent 3.5 hour run times

» Plan your daily workflow with consistent and predictable 3.5 hour run times.*
*When referring to IHC staining and running a batch workflow

Enjoy more time, more space, more slides.

Small footprint, fits into the tightest space

» The flexibility of a benchtop system to make the most of your limited laboratory floor space.


Easy reagent management

» Check bulk fluids at a glance; load antibodies and detection systems whenever you need them.

Make every inch of your lab count

» Use less floor space and produce more slides per square meter compared to the leading competitors

Each section carefully and precisely stained.

Liquid Level Sensor – Peace of Mind

» Measures reagent volume before each dispense to ensure reagent is dispensed to every slide.


Premium Detection Chemistry

» Obtain premium results with BOND Compact Polymer detection system.

Unique Covertile – Total Tissue Care

» Gentle and effective reagent application that protects tissue through the entire staining process.


Novocastra HD Antibodies

» High-performance antibodies that support optimal patient care.


BOND RTU Antibody and Protocol Data Files

These data files will enable the use of the latest releases from the BOND RTU range. Local licensing restrictions may apply to some products; please contact your local Leica Biosystems Sales or Support representative should you have any queries. Please ensure the correct data file is downloaded.

Important Notes

  • BDDv94 is only compatible with BOND software v5 or higher
  • BOND software v4.0 BDZ files are no longer supported after BDZ v74
  • Do not apply this update to BOND RX or BOND RXm research systems.
  • Ensure the correct update is applied commensurate with your software version and region.
  • We recommend that all BOND systems be updated to the latest software version


BOND-III Featured Product Video

Reagent Comparison Tests on BOND-III

Covertile System – Reagent Application Virtual Demo


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