Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Frame for Small Animals Stereotaxic myneurolab

Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Frame for Small Animals Up to Four Manipulators

Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Frame for Cat or Rodent
Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Frame for Cat or Rodent

This is the Parallel Rail Stereotaxic Instrument for Medium and Small Animals. Parallel Rail Frames allow up to four stereotaxic manipulators to probe the same brain. While suitable for cats, small monkeys and dogs, it can also be used with mice and very small animals where multiple probes are needed.

A "U" frame with dual manipulators should be used for size and convenience if two manipulators are sufficient. If more manipulators are needed, this parallel rail frame can accommodate animals in this range, and up to four manipulators.

Rails are 18.5 mm square, spaced 219 mm apart, center to center, and are 304 mm long. The rails come with a support frame and a four inch base plate. Left- and right-side manipulators are available.


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Produktnummer Name Zeige alle Details Größe Menge
39464301 Parallel-Schienenrahmen für Kleintiere 1 Piece
39464304 Angle Two stereotak.RH Manipulator R 1 Piece
39464305 Angle Two stereotak. LH Manipulator R 1 Piece
39464309 Digit. stereotak.Manipul.m.Feinbet., RH 1 Piece
39464311 Digital Stere LH Manipulaorw/Fin Löschen 1 Piece
39464312 Digital StereotaxicRHManipu forR Löschen 1 Piece
39464313 DigitalStereotaxicLHManipulatorR Löschen 1 Piece
39464322 Feineinstell.skala RH Manipul. f.Schiene 1 Piece
39464323 Feineinstell.skala LH Manipul.f.Schiene 1 Piece

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