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  • Robin Fitzl ,
    Sr. Field Applications Specialist - Leica Biosystems

Do you have questions about Tissue Processing? Robin Fitzl, Senior Application Specialist at Leica Biosystems, has the answers!

Learn how use of UltraPlex's unique antibody tagging technology allows rapid, simple tissue staining using cocktails of antibodies employing a single antigen retrieval step, minimizing the time to generation of actionable data.

The RNAscope in situ hybridization (ISH) technology is a powerful method for detecting gene expression with spatial and morphological tissue context.

In this webinar, Nicholas Confuorto, Senior Director Global Field Applications at Nanostring Technologies, provides information about how NanoString’s GeoMx® DSP allows for the characterization of spatial distribution and abundance of proteins and RNA with morphological context.

In this webinar, Mark Lawson, Life Science Field Applications Specialist at Leica Biosystems, shares the development timeline of IHC and multiplex staining on the BOND RX staining instrument, and its role in driving cutting-edge technologies.

In this webinar, Cindy Sampias, JD CT(ASCP) HTL, Core Histology Applications Technical Team Lead at Leica Biosystems, provides insights and shares fundamental concepts about H&E staining, including the components, types, and “how-to” elements of developing protocols.

  • Dr Mary Green ,
    Principal Laboratory Research Scientist, Experimental Histopathology, The Francis Crick Institute, UK

In this webinar, learn more about how The Francis Crick Institute has utilized the BOND RX research stainer to apply technologies to a wide range of research fields using both human and mouse tissues.

  • Dr Elizabeth Soilleux ,
    Associate Professor, Honorary Consultant Pathologist and Research Group Leader, Dept of Pathology, University of Cambridge

In this webinar, learn about how the University of Cambridge UK undertook a pilot study in T-cell lymphomas and corresponding benign samples on the BOND RX research stainer, using BaseScope™ probes.

  • Robyn Broad ,
    PhD, Senior Scientist, Tumour Profiling, Translational Sciences, Adaptimmune Limited, UK

In this webinar, learn more about how Adaptimmune uses custom-designed Ultivue 8-plex kits on the BOND RX research stainer system to enable the definition of the T cell phenotypes spatially and quantitively.

In this webinar, Denise Woolley, Senior Scientist, discusses the different types of antibodies, the importance of their structures, and how they are classified.