Gas Anesthesia Stands Stereotaxic myneurolab

Gas Anesthesia Stands Low Flow Open Circuit Stand for Rats and Mice

This is a selection of stands, most configured for small rodent use. Rodents and animals under 2300 grams do not have enough tidal volume to operate recycling valves and empty masks. Hence, common practice is to place the animal’s nose in a continuous stream of anesthetic gas. In this case, you do not need the recycling chamber and components.

The VMR comes with stand, low flowmeter (0-1000 l/min), and tubing. CAUTION: Be sure to work with the animal under a hood or use a scavenger system to avoid breathing the anesthetic gas. Continuous exposure to anesthetic gases causes permanent changes in the brain that affect susceptibility to anesthetic gases. Choice of vaporizer is sold separately.


Selection of Stands

Choose standard floor stand, table top stand, or mobile stand.

Available accessories for lab animal use

Induction chambers, regulators, nitrous oxide flowmeters and valves and masks.

Includes Flowmeter and Connectors to Vaporizer

Flowmeter included with each stand may be for rodents (0-1 LPM) or cats and dogs (0-4 LMP) as appropriate to stand.



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39418201 VMS Gas Anesthesia Stand 1 Piece 1
39418301 VMS Gas Anesthesia Wall Mount 1 Piece 1
39418350 VME Table Top Gas Anesthesia Stand 1 Piece 1
39418401 VMR Rat&Mice Standw/Flowmeter,0-1 LPM 1 Piece 1
39418408 VMR Table Top Stand w/0-1 LPM 1 pieces 1
39418501 VMC Tabletop Stand Gas Anesthesia 1 Piece 1