Vernier Stereotaxic w/ Manual Fine Drive Stereotaxic myneurolab

Vernier Stereotaxic w/ Manual Fine Drive Stereotaxic Instrument for Small Animals

Vernier Stereotaxic with Fine Drive

The Leica vernier stereotaxic instrument offers several practical advantages over competing instruments, and shares these advantages with our digital stereotaxic instruments. Any stereotaxic instrument from Leica now includes our manual fine drive mechanism on the D/V axis. The facilitates precise movements without overshoot, and helps avoid hand transmitted vibration at the probe tip, which creates tissue damage.

The ear bar locking levers require only one finger to operate, push toward the center. This facilitates the task of centering the earbars after installing the animal.

If there will be further behavioral testing of the animal later, you should use the default version with the 45 degree earbar tips. The 18 degree earbars are a little easier to install, and are an available option, but will penetrate the tympanic membrane and may affect hearing.


Lever-lock ear bars

One finger can finish locking earbars in place while holding rat and earbars securely.


Lowest price configuration for stereotaxic surgery

Manual Fine Drive on DV Axis

Low mounted hand operated fine drive reduces hand transmitted vibration of probe tip, and helps avoid overshoot.