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Protein Block Novocastra™

Protein Block

Novocastra Protein Block is intended for use in immuno-histochemical (IHC) staining procedures together with Novocastra Peroxidase Detection Systems RE7110-K/RE7120-K, Novocastra Concentrated Peroxidase Detection System RE7130-K and NovoLink™ Polymer Detection Systems RE7140-K/RE7150-K.

In immunohistochemistry, diffuse non-specific staining (background) may occur as a result of hydrophobic and ionic interactions between antibodies and tissue components.

Novocastra Protein Block, RE7102, is a serum-free, protein blocker. 25 mL of reagent is supplied.

For in vitro diagnostic use.



代码 名称 Configuration Use Datasheet MSDS 数量
RE7102-CE Protein Block 25ml Blocking Reagent P Info MSDS 1