Avidin/Biotin Blocking System Manual Detection Kits and Buffers

Avidin/Biotin Blocking System Novocastra™

Avidin/Biotin Blocking System

Some tissues may bind avidin, biotinylated horseradish peroxidase, biotinylated alkaline phosphatase or other Biotin/Avidin System components without prior addition of biotinylated antibody.

This binding may be due to endogenous biotin or biotin-binding proteins, lectins or non-specific binding substances present in the section.

If high background is present using Avidin Biotin Complex (ABC) reagents, or other avidin conjugates in the absence of biotinylated secondary antibody, the use of the Novocastra Avidin/Biotin Blocking System RE7170-K may be of benefit.

18 mL of each of avidin and biotin are supplied.

For research use only.