Estrogen Receptor (beta) Primary Antibodies

Estrogen Receptor (beta) Novocastra

Antigen Background

Estrogen Receptor alpha (ERα) and beta (ERβ) are the translated products of separate genes located on different chromosomes. Although both isoforms share a high degree of amino acid homology, the role of the conserved domains demonstrate specific functions. The A/B region, D domain and F domains are notably distinct in sequence. ERα is the highly characterized estrogen receptor cloned originally from a human breast cancer cell line with ERβ more recently identified in rodents and now in humans. ERβ is reported to be expressed as multiple isoforms. ERβ, unlike ERα, is widely expressed being found in normal adult tissues of ovary, fallopian tube, lung, kidney, brain, heart, prostate and testis.



Material with code "ESTROGEN RECEPTORB" is discontinued , possible alternatives:


代码 名称 Configuration Use Datasheet MSDS 数量
ER-BETA 1ml NCL-ER-BETA Lyophilised Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody P(HIER), W Info MSDS 1
ER-BETA-A 1ml NCL-ER-BETA-ASR Lyophilised Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody Info MSDS 1