Wash Solution 10X Concentrate Bond Reagents

Wash Solution 10X Concentrate BOND

Wash Solution 10X Concentrate

BOND ancillaries have been designed for Leica Biosystems fully-automated BOND systems: BOND-MAX and BOND-III systems. Used in the development and validation of BOND ready-to-use primary antibodies and ISH probes - choose Leica Biosystems reagents for the assurance of a quality result in your laboratory.

BOND Wash Solution 10X Concentrate is a concentrated buffer solution, requiring initial dilution. The diluted solution is for washing sections of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue during staining on the BOND automated system.

The BOND automated system requires the use of a specific wash buffer to remove unbound material at the end of each incubation step. This buffer is prepared by dilution, using BOND Wash Solution 10X Concentrate. The appropriate bulk container is then filled and placed within the BOND Processing Module.

For in vitro diagnostic use.



代码 名称 Configuration Use Datasheet MSDS 数量
AR9590 BondTM Wash Solution 10X Concentrate, 1L Reagent P Info MSDS 1
AR9590-CN Bond Wash Solution 10X Concentrate Reagent MSDS 1