Aperio PeerReview - Advanced Software for Toxicologic Pathology

Aperio PeerReview

Designed in conjunction with toxicologic pathologists from world-leading biopharmaceutical companies, Aperio PeerReview is a complete digital pathology software solution developed to improve productivity in drug safety testing, by streamlining the peer review process.

Accessible via the web, the user-friendly interface enables rapid collaboration with globally-distributed colleagues, while the comprehensive security controls ensure data safety and integrity. With faster access to slides, instantaneous sharing of peer review observations, and live slide-conferencing for arbitration discussions, toxicologic pathologists can improve productivity and finish studies sooner.

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Data Integration

The sophisticated, inbuilt communication interface enables integration of Aperio PeerReview with your LIMS for efficient, automated data transfer, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of typographical errors. With options for barcode automation through to data upload, Aperio PeerReview can integrate into your workflow.

Unidirectional data into Aperio PeerReview software ensures that the integrity of your LIMS data is unaffected by the peer review process and observations.

Ease of Use

Execute peer review studies quickly and easily with a streamlined workflow designed and developed specifically for the unique needs of toxicologic pathologists. The multi-slide viewer enables pathologists to display control slides and the review slide within the same window, providing easy comparison of morphology, not currently possible with a microscope.

Automatic sorting of eSlide Boxes with just a few mouse clicks eliminates the need to physical arrange glass slides, while the integrated data display enables viewing of slides, primary review findings and peer review observations in a single window.

Multi-site support

Quickly and easily connect to share peer review slides and data with colleagues based across multiple sites within a global organization or with external 3rd party collaborators. The web-enabled software facilitates rapid and secure access to content and colleagues.

With installation configurations for single site, multi-site hub & spoke, on premise or cloud deployments, Aperio PeerReview is readily implemented, with minimal IT overhead.

Increase Productivity

Reduce time and money spent shipping slides and eliminate unnecessary, expensive travel with instant, remote access to peer review content. With a dashboard overview, users can see all active studies and status, meaning that new peer review studies can be assigned with the touch of a button, based on pathologist workload and capacity.

The high-performance software and viewing capabilities facilitates instant, simultaneous review of content for rapid resolution of discordances, enabling faster completion of peer review studies and pathology reports.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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