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CytoVision Cytogenetics

CytoVision : The Proven Cytogenomics Total Solution

The CytoVision platform offers the convenience and comfort of on-screen analysis with flexibility of both software and hardware configurations. 

CytoVision is scalable from stand alone capture stations for karyotyping and FISH, to fully automated unattended metaphase and cellular FISH capture of up to 120 slides. Flexible software modules provide the platform for every cytogenetics and FISH laboratory

CytoVision is fully integrated with a range of microscopes and cameras from manual capture systems to fully motorized and automated microscopes. It has a platform to meet your throughput now and scale with you in the future.

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NEW! CytoVision 7.7 – Your digital FISH tool kit

Leica Biosystems is proud to introduce its newest CytoVision release, offering you the ability to bring your FISH workflow out of the dark room and into the light. With exciting new features which improve image capture, expand on the dual reader workflow and provide you with images that mimic what you see at the microscope, CytoVision 7.7 gives you the tools to go digital with your FISH analysis.

CytoVision 7.7 runs on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Auto Camera SetupOur novel auto camera setup algorithm allows the system to accurately determine the correct camera values for your signals regardless of background debris.
Cell ViewCytoVision 7.7 provides the user with the same level of detail on screen which is seen at the microscope which provides you with the confidence you need to go digital with your FISH analysis.
Fast Focus-MappingWith CytoVision 7.7, users can leverage a fast focus-mapping option for small FISH scan areas to significantly reduce total scan time.
And More!All the tools you need to transition from down the microscope analysis to on-screen digital analysis of your FISH workload

Scalable, future-proof platform

The configurations ensure to match throughput and images requirements. You can choose between a manual or an automated workflow.

There are various networking solutions available to match data flow requirements.

Improve efficiency, reduce reporting times

Improve efficiency, reduce reporting times

Continuously supply captured cells ready for expert analysis

While lab assistants run the GSL scanning systems, experts analyze the cases at review stations without looking through a microscope.

The option for distribution networks and internet access provides great flexibility.

Automated record keeping and data storage

This feature minimizes the time for writing up patient records and reduces the chance of human errors. As data and images are stored together tracking and archiving is made easy.

The papaerless process saves time, money and helps to meet the targets for green policies.