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DM1000 and DM2000

Full control over your samples with manual ergonomic clinical microscope systems

The ergonomically-designed microscopes DM1000 and DM2000 are ideal for all clinical laboratory applications, such as histopathology, cytology, hematology, and microbiology.

You can rely on a complete range of accessories for all relevant applications and contrasting techniques, as well as on world-leading optics to give you excellent image quality and reliable information for your diagnoses.

Your choice if you prefer classic halogen illumination with 30W with extremely fast and easy bulb exchange or the state of the art, environmental-friendly, and long-lasting LED illumination, which makes downtimes due to broken bulbs a thing of the past.

Controls are easy-to-use and deliver superior comfort. Start enjoying excellent ergonomics and image quality with DM1000 and DM2000 from Leica Biosystems.


  • All relevant contrasting methods (BF, FL, PH, POL)
  • Height-adjustable focus knobs enhance operator comfort
  • Fast changeover from right-to-left-handed operation
  • Tubes with ergonomic viewing angle 15° or adjustable angle for optimal head posture and a straight back
  • True symmetrical operation promotes optimal working posture
  • Broad range of ergonomic equipment: ergolift, ergotubes, and ergomodules to adapt to any user
  • Halogen 30W or LED transmitted light illumination
  • High intensity fluorescence with zero-pixel shift technology
  • Upgradability with all accessories even years after purchase
  • Beige ultra-hard ceramic stage insert for durability and contrast


Product DM1000 DM2000
Light source LED or 30W Halogen LED or 30W Halogen
Nosepiece movement Manual Manual
Objective lens positions 5 6 or 7
Mechanical focusing Coarse
Focus stop
Adjustable torque
FL option –
number filter cubes
3 5

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Features & Benefits

Excellent Microscope Ergonomics

DM1000 and DM2000 bring outstanding ergonomics into your laboratory and to your daily work. Enjoy optimal microscope operation having your hands and arms resting at a comfortable angle without stretching on the bench. This is enabled by the unique and patented height adjustable focus knobs, the symmetrical layout of all control elements and the extraordinary long and convenient to operate stage drive. Select your favorite ergonomics accessories to adapt your microscope to your physique or working posture and feel better at the end of a long and demanding working day.

Quality that Lasts

A clinical microscope must deliver excellent image quality to support a confident and accurate diagnosis at all levels of magnification, from sample overview to higher magnifications.

Critical parts of DM1000 and DM2000 microscopes are made of sturdy metal. All optics are designed not only to deliver superb results, but also to last for the full lifespan of the microscope. Your tasks might change and expand over the years – your Leica Biosystems microscope will be part of your professional journey.

A Broad Range of Cameras

You want to capture your results? Good to know that all microscopes cameras from Leica Biosystem scan be adapted to DM1000 and DM2000 – abroad selection of routine to high-performance brightfield and fluorescence digital cameras is available.

Quick Compare






Illumination Options Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Darkfield, Polarization
Differential Interference Contrast Option No Yes Yes Yes
Light Source (LED or Halogen) 30W Halogen or LED 30W Halogen or LED 100W Halogen or LED 30W Halogen or LED
Nosepiece Movement Manual Automated motorized Manual Manual
Objective lens positions 5 6 6 or 7 6 or 7
Focusing Coarse, fine Coarse, medium, fine, focus-stop, adjustable torque Coarse, medium, fine, focus-stop, adjustable torque Coarse, medium, fine, focus-stop, adjustable torque
Motorized objective and condenser toggle No Yes No No
FL option – number filter cubes 3 5 5 5