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Fluorescence Microscopy

Superior optics, ergonomics, automation and image quality make Leica Biosystems your imaging solution provider of choice.

Leica Biosystems provides you with wide range of fluorescence imaging capabilities starting with fluorescence microscopes through dedicated integrated FISH capture stations, to FISH scanning solutions.

DM2000, DM2000 LED and DM4 B are perfect Immunofluorescence (IF) and manual FISH capture workstations for diagnostics/prognostics.

Fluorescence Microscopy: Choose the microscope you need for routine fluorescence applications.

Select the DM2000 & 2000 LED system microscopes.

Select the DM4 B automated upright microscope system.


DM2000 & DM2000 LED

Advanced design, LED or 30W halogen illumination; full range of contrasting techniques.



Advanced automated design, LED illumination; full range of contrasting techniques.

Software capabilities

2D Analysis – Easy versatile wizard for 2D analysis of multi-dimensional datasets Workflow oriented design for maximum ease of use, enabling even novices to become productive with little training effort.

Select the DFC3000 G digital imaging camera for routine fluorescence documentation.

Select the DFC450 C digital camera routine fluorescence imaging.

DFC3000 G

Monochrome cooled 1.3MPixel CCD digital camera. USB 3.0; compatible with LAS/LAS-AF.

DFC450 C

Color cooled 5MPixel CCD digital camera. Firewire-B; compatible with LAS/LAS-AF; TWAIN interface.