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Routine Microscopy

Optical excellence, ergonomics, automation and image quality make Leica Biosystems your imaging solution provider of choice.

Expect more than just optical excellence. Leica Biosystems offers a broad selection of microscopy systems, from routine microscopes to highly automated, advanced solutions. We support all laboratory imaging needs from sample preparation thought to diagnosis. The combination of microscopes with high quality digital cameras helps you feel confident during a long working day.

Entry Level

DM1000 and DM1000 LED microscopes with a compact design, without compromising on optical excellence, image quality or ergonomics. Perfect for screening applications in cytology and hematology and QC of stains.

Routine microscopes

DM2000, DM2000 LED, DM2500 or DM2500 LED microscopes with high quality optics and ergonomics to improve efficiency in your daily work. Perfect for routine diagnostics and advanced screening.

Advanced microscopes

DM3000, DM3000 LED or DM4 B microscopes provide intelligent automation for higher productivity and enhanced ergonomics. Perfect for advanced imaging for diagnostics/prognostics.

Entry Level: Choose the microscope you need for your screening application.

Select the DM1000 microscope system.

Select the DM1000 LED microscope system.


Small foot print, 30W halogen illumination; BF/FL capability.

DM1000 LED

Small foot print, LED illumination; BF/FL capability.

Select the EC4 digital imaging camera for basic imaging.

Select the MC170 HD digital camera for ultra-high speed imaging.

EC4 color camera is a powerful, easy-to-use, tool for entry level documentation applications.


3.3 megapixel CMOS sensor offers fast, real-time imaging of up to 24 frames per second.

MC170 HD

Color 5 MPixel CMOS digital camera. USB2 with HDMI connection; on board card; compatible with LAS; 2 years warranty.

Routine microscopes: Choose the microscope you need for routine diagnostics.

Select the DM2000 & DM2000 LED system microscopes.

DM2000 LED

DM2000 & DM2000 LED

Advanced design, LED or 30W halogen illumination. Full range of contrasting techniques.

Select the DM2500 and DM2500 LED microscope perfect for multiple viewing systems.


Advanced design, 100W halogen illumination or comparable LED; Full range of contrasting techniques

Select the DMC2900 for easy and efficient routine documentation.

Select the MC190 HD digital camera for excellent and ultra-high imaging.


Color 3.1MPixel CMOS digital camera. USB3.0; compatible with LAS and LAS AF; 2 years warranty.

MC190 HD

MC190 HD

Color 10MPixel CMOS digital camera. USB2 with HDMI connection; compatible with LAS/LAS-EZ; 2 years warranty.

Advanced microscopes: Choose the microscope you need for advanced automation and ergonomics.

Select the DM3000 & DM3000 LED semi-automated system microscopes.

Select the DM4 B automated upright microscope system.

DM3000 LED

DM3000 & DM3000 LED

Advanced semi-automated design (motorized nosepiece, automated light intensity adjustment, and optional foot pedal); LED or 30W halogen illumination; Full range of contrasting techniques.



Advanced automated design (coded 6x or 7x nosepiece and fully automated transmitted light and fluorescence axis); LED illumination; Wide range of contrasting techniques.

Select the DFC450 C for high performance documentation and image analysis.

Select the DFC495 for high performance analysis and comparison.

DFC450 C

DFC450 C

Color cooled 5MPixel CCD digital camera. Firewire-B; compatible with LAS/LAS-AF; TWAIN interface; 2 years warranty.



Color cooled 8MPixel CCD digital camera. Firewire-B; compatible with LAS/LAS-AF; TWAIN interface; 2 years warranty.