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Molecular Diagnostics

Avoid errors and enable more accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment

Molecular techniques are of growing importance in modern cancer diagnostics. Leica Biosystems provides important tools in the molecular pathology workflow. Laser Microdissection (LMD) is a valuable upstream tool supporting tumor region selection for downstream analysis. Our fluorescence imaging solutions provide powerful documentation and analysis capabilities for users of FISH.

High-quality immuno-fluorescence and FISH capture devices

Molecular pathology analysis

Select the Ariol system for highest image quality driven by the best: optics, filters and cameras.



The complete solution for cellular FISH scanning and analysis combined with efficient workflows to reduce sample reporting times. Ideal for the Cytogenetics laboratory.


Immunofluoresence and FISH scanning in tissue sections and TMA’s, combined with image analysis for quantitative assessment. Ideal for the Pathology clinical and research laboratory.

Select the LMD6 and LMD7 for precise sample preparation for molecular biology analysis.

LMD6 and LMD7
LMD7 with Display


Powerful sample preparation for molecular diagnostic analysis; Laser beam movement via optics; Real-time live cutting directly on the sample using a Pen-screen; Specimen collection via gravity; dedicated objectives.