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Clinical Systems

CytoVision DM2500 Capture

FISH Capture, Review and Documentation Workstation

CytoVision DM5500 Capture

Automated FISH Capture, Review and Documentation Workstation

Efficient scoring of FISH slides and simple capture for full documentation and analysis.

An easy to use, flexible system offering rapid documentation and image analysis supported review of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) slides.

A large capacity filter wheel means you don’t need to move your eyes away from the microscope making scoring FISH slides extremely comfortable and efficient.

Benefits of the CytoVision DM2500B FISH Workstation

  • Capture and combine multiple channel fluorescent images simply – produce the perfect FISH image for documentation and review
  • Simple image manipulation (including background removal) and display with intuitive tools – invert the counter stain and overlay probes to precisely localize signals.
  • Utilize the CytoVision casebase structure to save, recall and manage all your FISH work – retrieve FISH cases on demand with a simple case search.
  • Large capacity filter wheel to cover all your needs – 10 position filter wheel means 99% of routine work requires no filter cube changes.

A single click is all that is required to capture and document multi-channel, multi-plane FISH images.

Benefits of the CytoVision DM5500B FISH Workstation

  • Ergonomic out of the darkroom FISH work – improving working conditions and satisfaction
  • Communicate FISH results with clarity and precision – whole regions and single cells explain exactly the reported result.
  • Virtually no training required – single click capture routines for all your FISH tests.
  • Automated control of precise multi-focal images – every details captured and can be animated for review.
  • Animate images by simply adding overlays – illustrate and explain your findings for reports and teaching.
  • Quickly find and load recent archived and familiar cases – instant access for quick comparisons and confirmation.

Select the LMD6 and LMD7 for precise sample preparation for molecular biology analysis.

LMD6 laser microdissection microscopes
LMD7 laser microdissection microscopes

Leica LMD6 & LMD7

Powerful sample preparation for molecular diagnostic analysis maximizes the results in genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, micro arrays, and next generation sequencing. Laser beam movement via optics; Real-time live cutting directly on the sample using a Pen-screen; Specimen collection via gravity, highly selective gentle on cells, results in high quality samples for downstream analysis; dedicated objectives.