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Thriving Under Pressure

No two days as a Global Support Engineer are alike. Learn how Alessio Albrile helps engineers around the globe solve customer problems quickly.

by Alessio Albrile, Global Support Engineer

If you like variety in your work, are good at solving difficult problems and thrive under pressure, then I’d encourage you to consider a career in support.

No two days are alike. I’m a Global Support Engineer based in Australia but my job takes me around the world. I train Leica Biosystems engineers how to use and fix our equipment, provide specialized support when on-site field engineers get stuck, and create technical support documentation. In short, I’m the guy behind the scenes who helps our global team of engineers keep our customers’ instrumentation up and running.

The variety in my job keeps me engaged, even during long days ‘following the sun’ around the world. Some days I start early in the morning with calls from the United States to assist engineers with fixing problems. Other days I’m up late into the night to provide online training to engineers in Europe. The days that are among the most gratifying are those when I finally solve a difficult or complex problem.

An ‘aha’ moment. I remember an instance in New Zealand where we were dealing with a particularly persistent instrumentation problem. Nothing we tried seemed to work. The local engineer was frustrated we couldn’t seem to find a fix that stuck. Then, a breakthrough! The instrument up and running…for 24 hours. By then the local engineer had moved on to his next customer site, taking all our tools with him except for one screwdriver. I took a deep breath and marshalled all my experience, creativity and perseverance. The result? A permanent fix and a relieved (and grateful) customer. That was a great day.

The take-away. It’s not always easy to do this job but it can be incredibly fulfilling. I like knowing that what I do plays a part helping doctors care for patients facing a cancer diagnosis.

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