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Rapid Tissue Processor Leica PELORIS

Leica PELORIS e-Learning Announcement

Welcome to the online Leica PELORIS e-Learning!

07 February 2012

Try out: Leica PELORIS e-learning

This course is for Operators, Technicians and Supervisors. It is designed to support your product training and operation of the PELORIS tissue processor.

It includes:

  • Hardware and Software Overview
  • Features and Function
  • Everyday Operation, Maintenance and Hints & Tips

There are knowledge checks at the end of each section and the courses conclude with a graded test. A certificate is offered to those who successfully complete the course and achieve a pass mark on the graded test.

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Leica Microsystems Receives Frost & Sullivan Award in Tissue Diagnostics

Ranked number one for the extensive product range.

07 June 2010

With speed, efficiency and quality Leica BOND-III helps laboratories deliver what really matters: better patient care.

Bannockburn, Illinois, USA. Leica Microsystems' Biosystems Division has been selected as the recipient of the prestigious North American Product Strategy Award in Tissue Diagnostics by research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

The Biosystems Division was benchmarked against key competitors on the value proposition it offers to histopathology laboratories. Key factors for the nomination included the breadth of product line, size of addressable customer base, impact on customer value, impact on market share, and the breadth of applications and markets served. Frost & Sullivan ranked Leica Microsystems number one for its extensive product range and ability to support the entire tissue diagnostics processes under the business leadership of its parent company, Danaher. “Leica Microsystems is at the apex of product breadth and expertise in this market,” said industry analyst Winny Tan, Ph.D.

“This powerful combination is attributed to several strategic acquisitions under Danaher. Leica Microsystems' competitors have been unable to expand product coverage as quickly across all market segments of tissue diagnostics because specialization is typically a gradual process.” According to Dr. Tan, the Biosystems Division of Leica Microsystems continues to develop standout products in the market. The Biosystems Division services the modern histopathology lab with a comprehensive portfolio of advanced histology systems and exceptional Novocastra™ reagents for tissue diagnostics.

“Every process of the tissue diagnostics laboratory is covered, and product models vary in sophistication, automation and throughput. This approach generates high value to the customer as their needs are met without having to pay for extraneous features.” Dr. Tan reported that Leica Microsystems has captured a leadership position in the total tissue diagnostics market within just five years.

“A tissue diagnostics laboratory that incorporates Leica Microsystems’ Peloris™ rapid tissue processor, Paraplast™ high-performance paraffin alternatives, the fully automated Bond-III IHC/ISH stainer and Novocastra reagents would be amongst the most modern histopathology facilities in North America.” Arnd Kaldowski, President of Leica Microsystems’ Biosystems division responded, “Leica Microsystems is honored to receive the Frost & Sullivan award, which recognizes our long-standing commitment to advancing tissue diagnostics through our products and educational support.

“For more than 160 years, Leica Microsystems has been designing and producing innovative, high quality goods to support the entire histopathology process. From tissue preparation through to IHC and ISH staining, the Biosystems Division’s total product range offers high quality solutions, flexibility and choice through the convenience of a single, trusted provider,” said Mr. Kaldowski. Dr. Tan continued, “Tissue diagnostic vendors that can provide the total laboratory solution have a competitive edge in an industry with a relatively small customer base. A strategic product line that completely services all segments of tissue diagnostics is a key factor for success in the tissue diagnostics market. Leica Microsystems is able to provide this and much more."

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