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Cryostat for Standard Applications in the Clinical Histopathology Laboratory Leica CM1860

The Leica CM1860 is your perfect assistant for high-quality, fast and safe sectioning.This high-throughput cryostat delivers diagnostic confidence by reliably producing quality sections to help provide an accurate diagnosis - even with the most complicated tissue types.

Staff near the cryostat is protected by the antimicrobial nano-silver coating, AgProtect,which provides outstanding safety by reducing exposure to surface pathogens. AgProtect covers the cryostat’s external upper surfaces and constantly protects individuals in the work area by penetrating the membranes of microbes to prevent replication.

The unique premium blade holder safety features combined with the ergonomics of a designated finger guard, blade ejector and palm rest for brush technique users improve safety and comfort while sectioning.

Experience a new level of safety and comfort with the Leica CM1860.

Leica CM1860

Your Advantages

Minimized contamination risk Less maintenance - more consistent sections

Minimized contamination risk

The AgProtect antimicrobial, nano-silver coating provides the entire staff with the ultimate protection by minimizing the contamination risk from infectious material on the cryostat’s external surfaces.

Less maintenance - more consistent sections

It's easy to consistently create high-quality sections with the Leica CM1860 high precision microtome and stepper motor control. The microtome is completely encapsulated, saving your time with maintenance-free reliability.

Protection and comfort

Blade handling is safer and easier thanks to the special blade holder CE with ejector, finger guard and compatibility with the famous Leica magnetic brush. Brush technique users will love the unique palm rest – a great help during sectioning.

The well organized work space

Create the ideal work environment you've always wanted. The flexible and efficient Leica CM1860 workspace includes a new object plate holder, a movable shelf and designated slide slots and tool storage areas on top of the instrument.

Protection and comfort The well organized work space
Easy to learn

Easy to learn

Control buttons labelled with intuitive icons shorten the time to sectioning. No need to scroll through multiple long menu options. Save time by directly setting the function you need.

Images Leica CM1860