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Field Support

Help is at your door.

Leica Biosystems’ experienced field support personnel can assist you with on-site maintenance and applications support to keep your laboratory running reliably and efficiently.

Contact us to find the service package that would best meet your needs.

Our fully trained representatives come with a wealth of knowledge on instruments and histology, and are supported by the same in-house experts who developed the products you are using. So whatever you need, call on an experienced Leica representative for an expert solution.

Be prepared with a service package.

Leica service packages are the ideal way to economically maintain instrument reliability and uptime. The packages help you control service costs and keep your instrument in optimal condition with factory recommended maintenance. So choose the level of service that suits your laboratory, and enjoy the security you get with a planned approach to service.

Leica Biosystems provides high quality support to our customers. Other than using Leica Biosystems directly, the following list of companies are the only other Leica Biosystems North America Authorized Service Providers, each for selected products. To understand their coverage area and authorized products, you may contact us or them directly.

- NCI (offices in Minneapolis, St. Louis and Denver)
- Southern Biomed (office in Odessa, FL)

Note - In North America, Leica Biosystems is the only authorized service provider for Aperio Digital Imaging products.