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Coverslipping Solutions

The pathologist is waiting, don’t accept delays or inferior clarity

You cannot afford delays, and don’t have the resources to manually slip all your slides. Leica provides the answer with reliable automated glass coverslipping. Laboratory managers get an efficient workflow, and pathologists will appreciate the clarity that only glass can provide. Leica’s coverslipping solutions are available either standalone or integrated with a stainer for true walk-away staining and coverslipping.

Choose the right solution for delivering quality automated coverslipping in your laboratory.

Standalone Coverslipping

Select the Leica CV5030 for automated glass coverslipping.

Fully automated Coverslipping Workstation

Select the Leica ST5010-CV5030 Integrated Workstation for walk-away staining and coverslipping.

Flexible Coverslipping Workstation

Select the Leica ST5020-CV5030 Integrated Workstation for exceptionally flexibile staining and coverslipping.

Prefer a standalone stainer?

Click here to find the right standalone Leica stainer to be part of a total routine staining solution for your laboratory.

Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Select from a range of coverglass, stains, slides, and mountants. Order now at our online store.

Improve your knowledge and skills

Visit Pathology Leaders for Coverslipping webinars, educational articles and discussion.