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With a diverse range of products, backed by expert advice, Leica Biosystems offers complete solutions for neurological research.

Dedicated to accuracy and efficiency, the Stereotaxic myNeuroLab range means researchers can have confidence in their results and can lower costs to spread budgets further.

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Leica ANGLE TWO Leica Digital Stereotaxic Leica Digital Stereotaxic Instrument Leica Vernier Stereotaxic
Leica ANGLE TWO Highest Accuracy

The Leica Angle Two™ is the most technologically advanced animal stereotaxic instrument commercially available. It includes the atlas and head...

Digital Stereotaxic Instrument with Fine Drive Leica

Stereotaxic instruments with digital, as opposed to vernier, scales offers greater speed of operation with reduced opportunity for error. This...

Digital Stereotaxic Instrument Leica

The Digital Stereotaxic Instrument provides reduced opportunity for error with greater speed of operation, higher precision and...

Vernier Stereotaxic Instrument Leica

This basic vernier stereotaxic instrumentation offers several practical advantages over competing instruments, and shares these advantages with our...

Tape Transfer System Leica Impact One Sacrifice Perfusion System
Tape Transfer System Perfect Sections

The CryoJane® Tape-Transfer System for Cryosectioning makes it easy to produce high-quality frozen sections of difficult tissues. The CryoJane...

Leica Impact One Reproducible Impact Damage w/

The Stereotaxic Impactor actuator part mounts directly on a stereotaxic instrument. This allows an unprecedented degree of reproducablity of the...

Sacrifice Perfusion System Controlled Pressure

The Perfusion Two Automated Pressure Perfusion system includes an automated air compressor that quietly pumps the air tank of the Perfusion One up to...

Leica Angle Two computer-guided stereotaxic demonstration: