Webinars Archive 2011

25. Jan

Complete Solutions for Digital Pathology Research –
From Slide to Result (Jan 25th, 4pm)

Registration required by Wednesday, 19th January!In this presentation Olga Colgan will address the use of Digital Pathology as a tool to accelerate progress in biomarker discovery and validation.The use of digital slide scanning and high-throughput processes in tissue-based research results in ... more
26. Jan

Digital Pathology for Remote Slide Review –
Benefits and Considerations (Jan 26th, 4pm)

Registration required by Wednesday, 19th January!During this webinar, Sean Costello will discuss how the Leica SCN400 digital slide scanner and Digital Image Hub software enables rapid remote slide viewing for individuals or groups of reviewers.Using only a standard web-browser, personnel in remote ... more
27. Jan

Integrating Digital Pathology in Education –
Benefits for Educators and Students (Jan 27th, 4pm)

Registration required by Wednesday, 19th January!Join us for a webinar where Colin Doolan will discuss SlidePath solutions for eLearning and how integrating digital pathology into educational activities is of benefit to both educators and learners alike. Digital Image Hub (DIH) provides a platform ... more
06. Jul

Total Digital Pathology Solutions for Pharma Research

Registration required by Wednesday, 29th June!In this presentation Olga Colgan, Head Sales Support & Marketing, Digital Pathology, will address the use of Digital Pathology as a tool to accelerate progress in biomarker discovery and validation in the Pharma / CRO domain. With the growing ... more

Webinars FAQ

How do I log on to a live webinar?

For those who have pre-registered, you will receive an email from Leica Biosystems about 30 minutes prior to the event with both the link and the password. If you are registering last minute, you will be given the START link immediately upon registration form completion.

What is the password?

Leica (uppercase "L")

I can't hear anything. What do I do?

We conduct a sound test about 5 minutes prior to the broadcast. If you can't hear, please adjust the volume on your PC (lower right-hand corner as shown).

Occasionally your sound may cut out as the audio stream buffers. This is unfortunate, but normal. Please allow a few moments for your audio stream to re-establish a connection. For any other technical difficulty, please contact Webex support directly at support.webex.com and select the Contact Support option.

How do I ask a question?

In the middle of the top of your screen are some Webex interactive options. Please click on the Q&A button to open a dialogue box.

What if I missed the live broadcasts - how can I still participate?

A few days after the live events, an archive will be posted here on this page for each previous event. You can view the presentation with audio recording after you have completed the archive registration. Note that slides are not available for independent download as the audio accompaniment is critical to the educational integrity. Q&A sessions have also been captured for replay at the end of the recording. If you have an additional question you'd like answered, please contact the speaker at his or her email address directly provided on the closing slide.

How do I get PACE/CPD credit?

After the broadcast, please stay online and wait for the mandatory PACE survey to pop up (USA). An attendee follow up email will also be sent to everyone who was logged in within 24 hours of the event with a link to the survey. Once you have completed the PACE survey, allow about one week to receive a personalized certificate via email from Leica Biosystems. If you are attending the webinar as a group via one computer, please ask the person in your group who received the attendee follow up email to redistribute it in your facility. You can also just check back here a few days after the event for the archive information (similar to the example shown below).

UK Residents are invited to compete the CPD credit application posted with the event archives. Please return the completed application and full activity programme to cpd@ibms.org.