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Promising the World and Delivering the Stars: Use Cases in Digital Pathology Before and After Regulatory Approval

PACE credits are no longer available for webinars more than 6 months old.


This presentation will explore areas where digital pathology has already changed the paradigms, where it is currently changing paradigms and where it may yet change the order of things in diagnosis, education and patient care. Using cases both now and in the near future will be contrasted, along with basic benefits and limitations of the technologies.  Specific attention will be paid to the manpower implications of digital pathology in laboratories.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify areas of current heavy penetration of digital pathology, and explain the reasons for adoption.
  2. Recognize current practices poised to be altered by regulatory approval of whole slide imaging for primary diagnosis.
  3. Consider aspects of current practice that stand to improve with the adoption of digital pathology
  4. List limitations of digital pathology that could impact operating procedures.
  5. Contemplate how use of digital pathology in education might impact access to competent care-givers

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