Pathology Leaders Webinar: From Diagnosis to Treatment - The Story of a Breast Cancer Patient

20. Nov Online (US)

SAVE the DATE! Leica Biosystems invites you to attend "From Diagnosis to Treatment: The Story of a Breast Cancer Patient" presented by Linda McDonald, HT, ASCP, Manager for the Histopathology Laboratory at Cleveland Clinic.



In the case of Breast Cancer, the patient’s cancer is usually detected by a mammogram or palpitation of an experienced Physician. However, these first indications that something is wrong must be confirmed by a more scientific approach.   Usually what follows is an actual biopsy; a sample of the tissue in question is removed from the person.   Once a tumor is confirmed from the biopsy, then a more radical surgical approach may be necessary or other treatments are performed.   Part 1 of the series addresses the importance of proper treatment of these surgical samples and how critical they are to not only the final diagnosis, but prognosis and actual treatment plan can be based on these sample handling and preparation.


Learning Objective:

1. Show proper handling of the material received - proper identification, grossing, and specimen size.

2. Discuss  proper fixation and the importance relative to special testing such as IHC.

3. Identify good processing techniques:  Dehydration, Clearing, and Infiltration

4. Demonstrate good embedding practices.


Webinar On Demand hosted by Yolanda Sanchez

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