Clifford Chapman

Clifford M. Chapman received his bachelors of science degree from Lowell State College, his master's of science from the University of Wisconsin, and then moved back to the Boston area to begin his histology career. After supervising an electron microscopy cancer research facility at Tufts New England Medical Center, he transferred into clinical histology, performing special stains on renal biopsies. Chapman then moved to the Massachusetts General Hospital where he carried out urology research and later directed the Special Procedures Laboratory, including work with mineralized bone specimens. In 1983, he became the technical director of Pathology Services, Inc., a position he held for more than 20 years. He was also the histopathology supervisor for Children's Hospital, Boston, and is currently the technical director at Strata Pathology Services Inc. Chapman is a certified histotechnologist, qualified in immunohistochemistry, and a strong supporter of education for histologists. He is both a past president and vice-president of the Massachusetts Society for Histotechnology (MaSH), and has also held the post of newsletter editor.