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Microscopy Solutions

Clearly visualize critical detail

Don’t overlook critical detail due to let poor optics or fatigue. Leica’s traditional and digital microscopy solutions focus on the user. So you can expect detail-enhancing clarity from exceptional optics and all-day comfort from advanced ergonomics. It’s how Leica’s microscopy experience helps you see all the critical details that build into a precise and accurate diagnosis.

Choose the best microscopy solution for clear visualization in your application


Select a Leica Light Microscope for clinical diagnostic clarity.

Life Science Research

Select a Leica Light Microscope for a research applications.

Leica DM4000 B Leica DM IL
Leica DM4000 B Automated Upright Microscope System for Life Science Research

Compatible with a variety of user-friendly software packages and camera systems, the Leica DM4000 B is the ideal microscope for life science...

Leica DM IL Inverted contrasting microscope for living cell applications

The Leica DM IL is the inverted contrasting microscope of choice for microbiology and cell culture laboratories. Offering virtually unlimited...

Create a complete solution

Select from a range of matching objectives and accessories.

Improve your knowledge and skills

Visit for Science Lab for Microscopy webinars, educational articles and discussion.