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ScanScope FL

The current trend in scientific research and drug discovery is toward multiplexing with a variety of fluorescent biomarkers. Multiplexing improves efficiency and reduces the cost associated with tissue and TMA-based assays.

The ScanScope FL eSlide capture device addresses the growing demand for whole slide images of slides stained with multiple fluorochromes. With the monochrome camera and quad multi-band pass filter set provided with the system, up to four color channels can be utilized. However, the six-position filter cube turret and excitation filter wheel allow for even greater flexibility. Advanced illumination, autoexposure, and autofocus capabilities eliminate the need for trial-and-error image capture, greatly minimizing the occurrence of photobleaching. These high-resolution multi-channel digital images can be archived permanently, eliminating concerns about fluorochrome fading on the glass slides.

ScanScope FL—Multiplexing just got better

  • Acquire seamless high-resolution eSlides with our patented line-scanning technology
  • Experience advanced visualization of multi-channel digital images
  • Perform image analysis on regions of interest or whole eSlides, with Aperio's tools or third-party tools
  • Archive eSlides permanently, eliminating concerns about fluorochrome fading on glass slides


Slide Loading
Five 1" x 3" slides or
Two 2" x 3" slides

20x: 0.468 µm/pixel or 40x: 0.234 µm/pixel

Barcode Support
2-D: Data Matrix, QR Code, 1-D: Interleaved Code 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128 and PDF 417

Speed (15 x 15 mm )
(15 X 15 mm; 3 channels)* - <5 minutes/slide at 20x (Invitrogen Fluocells Slide #3, mouse kidney, 3 colors); <15 minutes/slide at 20x (typical customer slide, 3 colors)
*Scan time will vary with size of the tissue, intensity of staining, and number of color channels.

8/10-bit monochrome TDI line-image capture camera

Dimensions (W x D x H)
12.5 x 19 x 20.5" (318 x 465 x 502 mm)

Glass Slide Dimensions
(HxW) – 1" x 3" (25 mm x 75 mm) or 2" x 3" (50 mm x 75 mm)

Light Source
Mercury, PC-controlled, 2000+ hours

55 lbs (25 kg)

20x/0.75 PlanSApo

Filter Configuration
6-position motorized excitation filter wheel; 6-position motorized filter cube turret; Quad multi-band filter set included (Pinkel configuration); Other filter options available

24" high-resolution LCD (1920 x 1200)

Image Capture Magnification
20x or 40x (20x with 2x magnification changer)

Image Compression

AC 100-240, 50/60 Hz

Image File Formats
TIFF, SVS, and JP2 (using JPEG2000 compression)


Image Capture Region
(HxW) – 1" x 3" 24.9mm x 59.9mm or 2" x 3" 49.8mm x 59.9mm

12 months

Case Studies

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.