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Easily Share eSlide Images - Across the Globe

Share eSlides for real-time collaboration with a simple click. Easily manage distribution for collaboration inside an institution, within a network, or across the globe.

Today’s pathologists must meet the demand for expanded services and faster turnaround times. Now more than ever, pathologists require easy and immediate access to slide images and findings. The ability to share these in a timely manner for live viewing, peer review, expert opinions, and multi-disciplinary care conferences is essential.

The rules of engagement have changed; it’s time to equip pathologists with the tools that will make it easier to interact more fully with the entire healthcare team. Our ePathology Solutions for Healthcare enable glass slides to become electronic whole slide images, eSlides, and then, via our Network, support global real-time viewing of eSlides and patient cases. eSlides can be easily managed and distributed inside an institution, within a network, or across the globe. We make it easy to connect, collaborate, and concur with the right pathologist, at the right time.

Discover how Aperio ePathology Solutions can help your healthcare organization optimize its pathology operations, improve and expand services, and support patient care at a whole new level.


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