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Pathology's Evolution in Healthcare

From Behind the Scenes to Center Stage

In the past, the majority of pathology departments have operated from behind the scenes. While pathology has always been critical to healthcare, advances in diagnostic testing, targeted drug options, and personalized medicine have made it even more integral. In fact, it’s estimated that pathology impacts as much as 70% of all healthcare decisions. Surgeons require intraoperative consults, and patients expect timely expert opinions and results to help guide their treatment decisions.

As the role of pathology increases in therapeutic decisions, so does the need for rapid remote access to facilitate immediate sharing and concordance. The labor and time intensive processes of current pathology practices have proven themselves to be too unyielding. Pathologists everywhere are under pressure to accomplish more with fewer resources and are looking to new technologies to help them further unleash their skills and collaborate more easily. Healthcare organizations investing in the creation of patients’ electronic health records (EHR) are recognizing the advantage of capturing electronic data and images in all areas, including pathology.

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