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ThermoBrite® Elite FISH Auto Slide Prep

ThermoBrite® Elite

The new ThermoBrite Elite system automates the pre and post hybridization steps in FISH testing, and provides on-board denaturation and hybridization. The System can process 12 slides per run. Just load the slides and walk away. 

The system offers the same temperature control of + 1°C as the original ThermoBrite system, but in addition, ThermoBrite Elite provides automated processing for pre and post hybridization steps.

Easy to use, intuitive software allows the user to run standard protocols for blood, urine or solid tumor specimens. It frees up to 70% of the technician time and allows the tech to do other projects.

The system is small and can fit virtually anywhere in the laboratory. It provides consistency and reproducibility and save time and money.

Some products are not available in your region, please contact your Leica Microsystems representative to find a solution that is right for you.