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Leica Biosystems Releases Two New Customer Apps for Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Education and Reference


PathLead is a mobile educational* tool and pathology resource application, designed for use by healthcare professionals in the field of surgical pathology and diagnostic immunohistochemistry (IHC).

Popular Features Include:

  • An antibody citation index
  • Extensive library of IHC images demonstrating antibody expression on both diseased and normal tissues
  • Podcast educational webinars

*The information provided on PathLead does not endorse any specific vendor or product and is available as a free download. The educational content is regularly updated to include new information.

IHC Antibody Catalog

The Leica Biosystems IHC Antibody Catalog is an app for Laboratory Managers and Pathologists looking for both routine and innovative IHC antibodies and consumables.

Popular Features Include:

  • Search over 1,500 IHC antibodies, BOND reagents and consumables
  • Full color annotated images and educational background
  • Request further information with just a couple of clicks