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Leica Rapid Giemsa Kit Consumables

Leica Rapid Giemsa Kit

Special Stain Rapid Giemsa
Special Stain Rapid Giemsa

The Rapid Giemsa Stain Kit is a high quality stain kit specially formulated to provide rapid turnaround Romanowsky type staining, on air-dried blood and bone marrow smears, as well as non gynaecological cytology samples such as: sputum, urine, fine needle aspirates and tumour imprints. It can also be used to stain micro organisms such as H. pylori, protozoa and spermatozoa.

The easy to use kit consists of 3 x 500 mL bottles, containing a fixing solution (Solution A), a red acid dye (Solution B) and a blue basic dye (Solution C).

The kit also contains 5x pH 6.8 buffer tablets to produce a buffered rinsing solution.


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