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Aperio ePathAccess - Collaboration Review Collaborate

Aperio ePathAccess - Collaboration Review Direct and Secure access to pathology expertise

Leica Biosystems enables institutions around the world to access leading organizations for near real-time, expert review of pathology slides and data. Aperio ePathAccess is the first scalable, secure, cloud-based pathology sharing solution, maintained under an ISO27001 certified information security management system.*

Reviewing pathologists from world-leading institutions are just a few mouse clicks away. Pathologists can simply upload their scanned slides and select the appropriate specialists for expert insight and collaboration.

  • Easy-to-use Software
  • Turn-key; ready to use
  • Backed by a global IT infrastructure of dedicated, secure data centers
  • Ideal platform for rapid slide sharing
  • Collaborate without borders or time-zone constraints

*For more information on the Aperio SaaS agreement, click here.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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