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Aperio LV1 Capture

Aperio LV1 - Real-time, Live View Digital Pathology System


The Aperio LV1 is a cost-effective solution for research users looking to adopt Digital Pathology. The small footprint and compact design makes the Aperio LV1 an ideal desktop system. With minimal IT requirements and rapid implementation, your Aperio LV1 can be installed in minutes.

The intuitive interface, streamlined design and rapid remote control ensures the Aperio LV1 delivers affordable versatility for your research laboratory; helping you to deliver results faster.

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Rapid Live View

The Aperio LV1 enables you to share up to 4 live slides with remote colleagues within 15 seconds* or less.  Remote users have full control of the instrument and can switch between slides, change magnification (2.5x, 10x, 20x and 40x), move the slide and even adjust the fine focus.

*Requires at least a 50 megabit per second (mbps) internet connection using Team Viewer software (v10) and Aperio LV1 console software (v4.0) with one slide loaded in the slide tray. 15 second clock starts once the Team Viewer password is entered and “Log On” is selected.

Multi-Slide View

The intuitive interface allows research users to display up to 16 simultaneous live views of their slides.  Cloning views enables users to see the same tissue area at multiple magnifications, or different regions of interest side-by-side.

Compact design, small footprint

Compact design, small footprint

The space-saving design means the Aperio LV1 fits into the smallest of research laboratory spaces or easily onto your desktop.   Live view plus low throughput scanning capabilities, means the Aperio LV1 is the optimal integrated solution for teaching, telepathology, research or archiving.

Easy to Install & Integrate

Easy to Install & Integrate

With minimal IT requirements and rapid implementation, your Aperio LV1 can be installed in minutes.  Easily integrate with Aperio eSlide Manager for comprehensive management and viewing of scanned slides or review images in the world’s most widely used digital pathology viewer – Aperio ImageScope.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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